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Vivanta Catering Services presents to you “Kilo King”, an advanced concept of providing delicious lip-smacking food for your house or office parties at affordable prices. With Kilo King, one can order food by the Kilo, by placing the order 24 hrs – 6 hrs in advance.
Kilo King is ideal for occasions ranging from about 4 to 50 people and above. In addition, consumers also have the advantage of ordering food from all around Bombay with minimal delivery charges (depending on the location) and choosing from Cuisines varying from all around India and Asia. Kilo King makes occasions more delightful, tasty and inexpensive. In addition, arranging for get-togethers and in-house parties has become more hassle free as we also provide disposable crockery and cutlery.


Kilo King Highlights

  • Affordable Prices
  • One Kg Serves 8- 10 People
  • 25 -35 Pieces In Non-Veg Starters
  • 35 - 45 Pieces In Veg Starters
  • Delivery Almost All Over Mumbai
  • Minimal Delivery Charges
  • Jain Options Available


At kook, our aim is to bring you plates and bowls full of delicious food along with the best service staff to make your eat out at Kook a memorable one. Experience the goodness of healthy ingredients and organic raw materials. You can now order your food with our special 'order online' feature and get your favourite selection of dishes in a special, eco-friendly packaging style that will keep your food fresh, hot and delicious. We believe in express delivery, so that you don't have to wait a long time for your favourite delights. Our kitchen specializes in preparing some of the most authentic tasting Kashmiri, Awadhi, North Indian and Oriental cuisines. A wholesome foodie experience is guaranteed at Kook. For our office going customers we have specially crafted meal plans. Experience authenticity with Kook.


Kook Highlights

  • The Food Is Without Artificial Colors
  • Quality Ingredients
  • The Food Is Prepared With Organic Flavors
  • Special Packaging Which Keeps Food Warm For a Longer Period of Time
  • Specilization in Kashmiri, Awadhi, North Indian & Oriental Cuisine
  • Packaging Is Eco Friendly
  • Express Delivery
  • There Are Special Meals For Office People


  • Swami Jayaramdas Shopping Centre, Near Basant Park, R.C Marg, Chembur East

  • 1st floor, Arcadia, Hiranandani Estate, Thane West, Mumbai